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Families of faith

Rev. Al Foote

Pastor, Evangelical

Free Church, Algona

Throwback: Burt Mural
Out of the past

1873 - Local farmer breaks leg while harrowing

150 Years Ago

Mr. Oliver Bumpus, living six miles north of Algona, had his leg broken last Thursday. He was harrowing at the time and had stepped in front of the harrow when the horses started up quickly and caught his leg. Mr. B. is getting along very finely, all things considered.


125 Years Ago

Our Kossuth County

EMS to become a county-owned service in July


By Rick Murphy

Mayor of Algona


When the calendar flips from June to July, a big change will occur with our local emergency medical services. On July 2, Algona EMS will transition from being a city-owned service to a Kossuth County service.

The Daily Umbrella

“If it’s too loud, you’re too old”


Several rock musicians have screamed this phrase through the years, and I have seen it on plenty of black concert T-shirts, but it seems to have roots with the Motor City Madman and modern-day gun rights promoter himself, Ted Nugent.

Families of Faith

Lessons from the wind


Is it just me or have we experienced a lot of windy days in 2023? It seems like not only we have had a lot of windy days but the winds have been very strong.

There were times when I had to hold on as I opened the door of the church for fear that the wind will get ahold of it and bend the hinges. That happened last year on two occasions.

Throwback: Algona Band Days

Algona Band Days is celebrating its 75th year this October. We’re looking for the person who has participated in the parade the most times in its 75 years. Do you think it’s you or someone you know? Email the name, number of years and an early photo if possible to

Also please send your memories and stories of Algona Band Days through the years.


Out of the Past

KEMCO Tires moving up the hill

150 Years Ago

We understand that Mr. Schenck, living north of Algona, brought fresh strawberries into town on Saturday last. Mr. Schenck is entitled to the earliest strawberry prize.


125 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

You can’t change the stripes on that tiger


My friend Darren used to tell me those words many times when we would discuss the negative habits of a few people we worked with over the years. He was right. Habits are difficult to change, and most all of us tend to fall back on our customary and predictable ways, especially when feeling pressure.

A resurrected column from decades ago

When you read this, I will have been traveling again. Not by plane this time but by motor car. Don’t you love the term “motor car?” It’s almost as lovely as “roadster.”Nancy Drew drove a roadster while wearing a silk frock. I fully intend to motor somewhere in a roadster wearing a silk frock someday. This non-roadster trip, however, is to Minneapolis to spend a few days with oldest daughter, Heather, and family, to attend grandson Connor’s high school graduation.

Senior Life Solutions joins KRHC

By Dar Elbert



Families of Faith

God cares for mortals


How Great Thou Art has been a much beloved song in churches for the last couple generations.  This song’s words speak of all God’s works—what God’s “…hands have made.”  The stars and the thunder—it all displays God’s great glory and majesty.  The words and praises of the song echo an even older song of praise, Psalm 8.

Throwback: Custer’s Last Stand of Algona

This painting that hangs in the Kossuth County Historical museum depicts 17 Algona businessmen from the 1960s. The painting was done by Algona native Ken Fox who went on to become a famous artist. The painting was originally owned by Merlyn “Dutch” Honsbruch.

Our Kossuth County

New York roadtrip to collect paintings

By Anne Kohlhaas

Stinson Prairie Arts Council


Stinson Prairie Arts Council is always looking for new artists that connect us to the future, and old works that connect us to the past. Almost a full year ago I had an artist from New York contact me saying that she had some family paintings she wanted to donate to our Arts Council.

Out of the Past

Algonquin houseboat sinks

150 Years Ago

To the unkown serenaders who last night favored the REPUBLICAN office with a rich musical treat, we beg leave to return our sincere thanks.  May their lives be as replete with happiness as are their voices with sweet melody.


125 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

Here we grow again

Here we grow again. I say those words not to boast but rather as a symbol of pride, as we re-launched a publication and completely redesigned another in the past few weeks.

Whether we grow or not is not up for debate in our company. Growth is a necessity. Growth in readers. Growth in advertisers. Growth in staffing. Growth in revenues. And, hopefully, growth in profits.

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