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Letter to Editor

We need leaders that are pro-life


To the Editor:


Throwback: Ridiculous Days


Out of the Past

Louis Kossuth honored in Hungary to this day

By Gene Miller

Kossuth County contains some of the richest and most fertile farm ground in the world and takes its name from the Hungarian patriot Louis Kossuth.

Louis Kossuth was born in 1802 in Monok, Hungary which was then part of Austria. As an adult he long advocated for a separate Hungarian republic which for a time landed him in prison, but he was eventually released by popular demand.

Ink Spots

Of my late-to-the-party shopping adventure 

By Molly MacDonald

Travel Diary


Mountains above Dolomites were a beautiful sight

By Jim Sloter

Making our way back to our camper in Venice was far from straight forward. With the canals between the buildings running every which way; it was impossible to stay oriented – we had to ask directions several times.  

Our Kossuth County

Reorganization Vote - 3 Items on the Ballot

By Joe Carter



The Daily Umbrella

I love a rainy song

By Shane Goodman

The recent rainfall has many of us smiling. At least it does me. A little water from the sky does wonders not only for our Iowa crops but for our yards, our plants, our wildlife and our attitudes. Some people say rain makes them sad. Not me. In fact, I happened to notice how many of my favorite songs are about rain. See if any of these ring a bell:

Families of Faith

Labor Day and a sabbath’s rest 

By Rev. Jason Fischer

Lead Pastor, Algona Faith


Throwback: Kiwanis Morwens paint the “Little red Schoolhouse” from Kossuth County Advance, 1972

Letter to Editor


Letter to the Editor

I am a lifelong Iowan, a 50-year resident of Kossuth County, a farm wife, an educator, and I believe that Iowa values are extremely important!

Please think about the common values that Iowans share as we approach an important election for the state and the nation in November:

We value COMMON SENSE over extremism–common sense solutions to problems that affect us all and support the common good. 

Letter to Editor

Be Fair

Dear Editor,

In “On The Side’’ this week, the Publisher said “Our debt is beyond our comprehension” and complained that public debt will be with us a long time, “...all in the hopes that government could somehow make our lives better.” Then he asked, “How’s that working out?” 

Algona Country Club burns down

150 Years Ago

Algona College. The Fall Term of this institution will open September 25, 1872. -- Though lacking a few thousand dollars on the required endowment, we have full confidence that this amount will be subscribed by parties not yet called upon. In this hope we have arranged for an able faculty, and now offer students facilities for a thorough collegiate training classical and scientific. 


125 Years Ago

Hannover - Mother of the Bulldogs


A front and back wooden cover, hinged together, filled with sports clippings of my wrestling teammates and me from my high school years.

I was honored to receive this handmade, oversized scrapbook from an incredible woman in my hometown named Mary Hannover, who collected the photos and stories from our local newspaper and gave me this as a gift my senior year. I wasn’t the only person she did this for, but she made me feel like I was. 

Famous “Bridge of Sighs” is a must see


rom Venice, Italy’s Campanile bell tower, we walked across the square to Basilica di San Marco, (St. Mark’s Cathedral) described as a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture; we couldn’t agree more. The amount of gold everywhere, the grandeur of rare light colored marble, beautiful mosaics, and priceless works of art all around was astounding. Amid all of this, 12 larger than life statues depicting Jesus’s disciples caught our attention – amazing.

Fall and Winter events for 4-H’ers and you




By Meredith Nelson

ISU Extension, Kossuth County


Fall is upon us, and children are back in school. The weather will soon be cool, and many of us will indulge in the scents and flavors of fall. As we move into the fall season, it is a great time to engage in education with Iowa State University (ISU) Extension and Outreach in Kossuth County.

On The Side

Beating hearts, bleeding checkbooks

By Brad Hicks

People’s checkbooks tell you about their priorities. 

A couple of weeks ago, it was determined that your money should be used to hire 87,000 more IRS agents. 

Not 87,000 more lawmen and lawwomen. 

Not 87,000 more mental health workers. 

Not 87,000 more teachers. 

Not 87,000 more school security officers. 

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