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By The Rev. Cindy Finn

Algona First United Methodist Church


ON THE SIDE: Affordable? 

Nearly a decade ago I was charged with raising money to support a housing study for Wright County, where I was serving as economic development director. The company the county was hiring wanted $16,000 to do the study. The board of supervisors, city councils in local towns, a few businesses, MidAmerican Energy and even a developer pitched in to pay the bill.

OUR KOSSUTH COUNTY: Giving Thanks for You

By Jan Ricke

Kossuth Historical Society


As we look back on the year of 2021, there is so much to be thankful for to keep the Kossuth County Historical Museum free and open to the public.

INKSPOTS: I promise not to write about

Okay, here are a few things I won’t write about today:

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Excellent high school plays

To the Editor:

THE ADVANCE EDITORIAL: Give thanks for others this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving arrives next Thursday. Families will gather, friends will celebrate, shopping plans will be made, football will be watched and Tryptophan will take hold. These are unmistakable assurances. 

But Thanksgiving is more than that.

TRAVEL DIARY: Which direction are we going?

Entering Belgium and having spent considerable time there with our foreign exchange student, Guido Van Rompaey, and his family, the familiar looking topography – driving through small village after small village, their streets lined with brick homes with their tile roofs made us feel almost like we were going home 

OUT OF THE PAST: 75 years ago: Dead skunk thrown into Algona police car

150 Years Ago

Livery Stable, We are prepared to furnish Livery to the Traveling Public, at reasonable rates, with or without drivers as good Horses and Carriages as can be found west of Chicago. Stable on State Street, near Congregational Church, Algona, Iowa, L. W. Ferguson & Co.


125 Years Ago

FAMILIES OF FAITH: What about good works?

By the Rev. Mark Lund

Associate Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church, Algona


For I find my delight in your commandments, which I love.”(Psalm 119:47 ESV)

THE ADVANCE EDITORIAL: Put pipelines along existing rights of way

Iowans are blessed with some of the best farmland in the world. We haven’t always taken great care of that tremendous blessing, but as we have witnessed its condition change over time, we have done better with it. Now two pipeline companies are asking the state of Iowa to back them with eminent domain rights in the case of uncooperative property owners so they can bury pipelines under Iowa farm land and transport carbon to a sequestration facilities in other states.

ON THE SIDE: The Rules are to Help, Protect People and not Special Interests, Government

By Brad Hicks



What is government’s purpose? It’s something that’s challenged America since birth. Our founding fathers experienced a life living under the British monarchy’s rule and taxation. Their concept? Rules of law protecting citizens are supreme to the unapproved dictates of any king or governor, and an array basic rules that allow government to function but keep it out of people’s lives. These concepts are in the Bill of Rights.

GUEST EDITORIAL: Iowa Children in Critical Need of Adoptive Parents

By Dawn Luetje

LSI Foster Care & Adoption


November is National Adoption Month, a time to celebrate the community members and families who have adopted children in need of forever homes. But at Lutheran Services in Iowa (LSI), we are also taking this time to recognize the 780 Iowa children who are waiting for adoptive families. 

GUEST EDITORIAL: Now is the Times for Property Tax Relief

By John Hendrickson

Tax Education Foundation


OUT OF THE PAST: 1871: Grand Gift Concert gives away $10,000 in prizes

BY Gene Miller


150 Years Ago

TRAVEL DIARY: A Meal of Fritten and Beer

By Jim Sloter


After our tour of the Cologne Cathedral, we did some window shopping, bought cologne in Cologne and headed out wondering if leaving the city would be as difficult as when we came in. Instead, it was easy and we were soon on an autobahn heading south. 

FAMILIES OF FAITH: Feet fitted for the gospel of peace

We are studying in the churches I serve the armor of God, that we find in Ephesians 6:10-17. God provides this armor for believers, to fight the attacks of Satan while we wait for His return. Today we look at the third piece of armor; Our feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 
Read the full column in the Nov. 4 Advance. 

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