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Three Seneca sisters jinxed

Out of the Past 

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Guth: View from Here - Feb. 18

Week six marks the first deadline of the session. All policy bills must be out of committee in either the House or the Senate in order to be considered this year. Appropriations, tax, and Oversight bills do not have to meet this deadline.

Grassley: Censored by Big Tech

DES MOINES — Earlier this week, the Grassley Works campaign shared a Fox News article on Facebook regarding new allegations uncovered by the Durham investigation detailing more corruption by the 2016 Clinton campaign for president.

Highlights with Henry: Funnel Week Review

By Rep. Henry Stone, R-Forest City


WILLS: The answer to why the constitution matters

By John H. Wills
Speaker Pro-Tempore
House District 1 - R-Spirit Lake


Fire affects 7 downtown businesses - Algona Upper Des Moines, March 21, 1974.

A Monday night fire destroyed three Algona downtown businesses, North Iowa Sewing, North Iowa Appliance and Sportsman’s Corner. At right: John Levy, owner of North Iowa Appliance and Sportsman’s Corner is assisted by fire chief Kink Willey, Randy Renshaw and policeman Jim Voigt. Bystanders provided coats to cover Levy.


The Fruit of the Womb are a Reward


Rev. John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran 

Church, West Bend

Successful year at the museum

Don Heupel

Ag and Motorsports Museum

As 2021 comes to a close and a new year begins, a review of the past year is in order. It is also an opportune time to finalize plans for 2022. The last year was a successful year for the Kossuth County Agricultural and Motorsports Museum, and hopefully 2022 will be even better.

Pleasant travel weather in South France

By Jim Sloter

The first week in September gave us a taste of fall as we awoke to moisture collected inside and outside on our uninsulated VW camper. Skies were clear and the sun was out, so before long, we were dried out and enjoying pleasant traveling weather. 

Each day had its interesting things to see, but sometimes not all that different – yet we were never bored. 

If you can’t beat ’em, steal from ’em

By Adam Mossoff

George Mason University

In January, the U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that Google infringed Sonos’ patented innovations in wireless speaker technology. This may sound like an obscure legal ruling. But it confirms a problem that threatens America’s innovation economy.

The problem? Intellectual property theft.

Winter storms kill area pheasants

Out of the Past 

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

If people always spoke as honestly as they think, how different life would be. The real truth would create more family quarrels, part more friends and disperse more organizations and congregations, than Satan would know how to take charge of all at once.


125 Years Ago

Lessons about learning for life


By Shane Goodman

When Mrs. Marguerite Kalar would show up at school, we knew we were in for an entertaining and educational class period…if we listened carefully enough.

FAMILIES OF FAITH: The Ties That Truly Bind

By the Rev. Chris Burtnett, First Congregational United Church of Christ

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity slipped by us again this year. It was January 18 through the 25. During this week, Christians are reminded of Jesus’s prayer for his disciples and everyone’s well-being. Christians also remember Jesus’s devotion and come together to pray for their unity. You can find that prayer in chapter 17 of the gospel according to John. Give it a read.

INKSPOTS: Of old & new computers, patron saints

By Molly MacDonald


ON THE SIDE: Businesses Belong in the Chamber...

By Brad Hicks

Full disclosure requires me to state for the record I am an ex-officio member of the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Some might say that makes me biased toward the organization. If I am, so what?

TRAVEL DIARY: Eleven Years to Create a Utopian City

By Jim Sloter

As we continued southward on small roads enjoying the varied topography in west central France, we somehow learned about an unusual community and made a point to check it out. Richelieu, a 17th century model city covering about three square miles is located where an old community was razed and a utopian city built in its place. It is the only community in Europe laid out in a grid pattern inside a rectangular wall enclosure. 

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