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Group for writers begins

By Anne Kohlhaas 

Cheaper than cola in Wine Country

By Jim Sloter

Novel explores crash of 2008

By Michael Tidemann

Are we weird? 

And so begins Detroit-area writer Michael Zadoorian’s provocative novel, The Narcissism of Small Differences, a story of how a pair of Detroit hipsters approaching middle age negotiate the throes of the 2008 crash. 

Baxter: Commutation, .410 shot, deer hunting

From Rep. Terry Baxter, R-Garner:

I am working hard on three bills. One is a simplified version of the commutation bill I drafted last year that stalled out. It had great public support but was too big of a lift. This year’s bill simply makes the case that the legislature sees merit in looking at commutations for some of our adult lifers who have served over 35 years and have undergone verifiable change.    

Women’s right to vote repealed in Wyoming

Out of the Past - By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago


Modify the no income tax plan for retirees

One of the pieces of the Republicans’ agenda to change taxation in this state involves eliminating at least some income taxes for retirees. 


Lawmakers have good idea on cell phones

There is proposed legislation at the Statehouse that would make it illegal for a driver to use a mobile communication device unless it is done hands free or voice activated. This is a good idea. Drunk driving has long been a scourge on our roads, but distracted driving can be every bit as dangerous and is more commonplace. 


By Rev. Steve Nofel - First Presbyterian Church

Hey dad, I finally know the stuff I am supposed to... 

I thank my God every time I remember you. – Philippians 1:3

Part of my job as a Christian leader is to let children and teens talk to me about whatever they want to talk about. I need to listen and respond. It all goes back to my own youth.

When I was a kid, I always realized I talked too much after I talked too much.  

Letter to the Editor

Legalizing marijuana issue 

not so simple to dissect


To the Editor:

I contacted Brad Hicks, Editor to comment that I thought his editorial in the January 13, 2022 edition of the Kossuth County Advance, about legalizing marijuana was woefully incomplete and that marijuana and alcohol are very different substances. For one thing marijuana does have medicinal value while alcohol does not. 

Protect and serve the community


By Bo Miller

Chief of Police

When I became a member of the Algona Police Department 16 years ago, I pledged to protect and serve this community. In my current role as the police chief, I can tell you that our officers fulfill that duty daily and often go beyond it to help, educate, and support our community.

The flat tax and Iowans – who misses $ more?

By Brad Hicks

Gov. Reynolds rolled out the idea of a 4 percent flat tax for Iowans during her Condition of the State Address a few weeks ago. It didn’t take long for people to line up along party lines and either jump for joy or claim it’s the end of Iowa as we know it. 

Making igloos: some things never change

By Shane Goodman

With winter weather in the forecast, I can’t help but think of the countless hours I spent as a child playing in the snow. Sledding down hills. Having snowball fights. Making snowmen. But there was one snow activity I could never seem to master — igloo making.

Mont St. Michel and its towering monastery

By Jim Sloter

Blank computer screens, help from above

Ink Spots by Molly MacDonald

Random thoughts whilst sitting at the computer staring at a blank screen. I haven’t a clue what to write about this week. Not a clue.

 My friend, long-time columnist Dorothy Muckey, once told me when that happened to her, she would just look heavenward and say, “Ok, God, I need help.” She said it always worked, and I’ve tried to emulate her ever since. So . . . Ok, God, I need help.

Long time area resident moving back to Holland

Out of the Past by Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

The boxes in the P. O. have been repainted. Perhaps our P. M. thinks that they will bring a good price on account of their improved appearance - when the new Post Master takes charge.


125 Years Ago


Go to budget hearings


So many taxpayers don’t understand how government works. Here is a lesson. Right now, your local governments are building budgets for the 12 months that start July 1. They are determining how to spend dollars right now. When your local governments implement these changes isn’t the time to question or learn about them. That time is now. Read the proposed budgets and go the hearings. 

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