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Letters to the Editor

As for Ukraine, where are the European men?

To the Editor:

What Americans need to start asking is, why all the European men are not helping the Ukrainian people with their lives, because they could be next in the Russian battle plan.

Algonan goes to the South Pole

Out of the Past by Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

The Algona musical Association will give a public Rehearsal on Wednesday evening of next week. The members of the Society are requested to meet in full force on Friday evening for private rehearsal. 


125 Years Ago

Costa Brava - don’t do that...

By Jim Sloter

Continuing northeast along the coast of Spain, we came to the area appropriately named Costa Brava (Wild Coast) that begins 40 miles northeast of Barcelona and extends 60 miles to the French border. Going was slow on that coastal roadway with its steep grades, sharp curves and the gorgeous scenery. 

A not-so-very-long ago time

By Molly MacDonald

For some of us, 1986 doesn’t seem so long ago. For others, I suppose, it’s ancient history. Whichever category you find yourself in, I hope you won’t mind if I resurrect one of my columns from that year and rerun it here. Mainly because I haven’t a clue what else to write about today.

October 25, 1986

Throwback: F.S. Norton & Son

This weeks mystery is the location of the F.S. Norton & Son Lumber store. Does anyone remember shopping there? What is there now? Send your memories to

Darrell Ludwig of Cedar Falls wrote in about last week’s photo. “The picture is the Algona Co-Op Creamery. On State Street just East of the Jones St. intersection. It was probably taken about middle 1940s. 


By Pastor Cindy Finn - pastor at First United Methodist Church, Algona


Spring, top honors are in the air at WB-M

By Amanda Schmidt

West Bend-Mallard Superintendent

It is March and it seems like it is coming in as a lamb. I hope it doesn’t go out as a lion! March always brings a lot of reflection in a school along with planning for next year. We have had a lot of great things happen this year and are excited to look forward to next year at West Bend-Mallard.

Barcelona alive with statues, fountains, VW break-in

By Jim Sloter

Souvenir stands and food stands lined the Santa Maria de Montserrat courtyard so we bought some bread for lunch before leaving. 

Crime thriller in Black Hawk County

By Michael Tidemann


What do big agriculture and a series of grisly murders have in common?

That answer to that lies in Erin Young’s debut crime novel, The Fields, set in Black Hawk County, Iowa.

Tell us the good news, not just bad

Out of the Past - By Gene Miller


150 Years Ago

We are happy to state to those who contemplate settling in northwestern Iowa, but whose means are rather limited, that the necessity of any great expense in the building of dwelling houses is obviated by using the large Family Trunk lately invented by our townsman, J. B. Winkel. Colonies will be furnished at extremely low rates.


125 Years Ago

Letters to the Editor

Pay equity again

To the Editor:

It’s time to talk about Pay Equity again. This year March 15 was chosen as the day on which woman workers make as much in 14 1/2 months as their male counterparts make in 12 months. The sad part of the situation is that covid has taught us, among other things, how necessary women are in the workforce. 

On the Side

By Brad Hicks - publisher

One’s trash is...

One’s garbage is another’s treasure – and perhaps a place for a warrantless search.

There is a bill in the Iowa House that already unanimously passed in the Iowa Senate to allow law enforcement to rummage through people’s garbage without a warrant in an effort to locate evidence of a crime. 


By Rev. Walt Reemtsma, pastor of Burt, Lone Rock Presbyterian Churches


37 He said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ 38 This is the greatest and first commandment. 39 And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Matt: 22: 37-39


Our Kossuth County

By Joe Carter


The core values of the district are at the center of everything that we do: Respect, Integrity, Students First, and Excellence. Those core values are lifting all of us, both students and staff, to Rise to the Occasion and Reach for the Future. The RISE mantra is everywhere in the Algona Community School District, and most importantly it creates the framework for how we treat others and how we make decisions.

Fields of sunflowers, vineyards in Spain

By Jim Sloter

Our travels in Spain in 1983 were restricted to the northeast corner, but even so, it gave us a feel of the country.  

Of non-happenings and swell words

By Molly MacDonald

Since my last several columns seem to have been laden with my travel/computer/dishwasher/emergency room woes, I thought I’d try to focus on happy stuff this time around. 


 I haven’t had any travel woes since last we met, mainly because I haven’t traveled anywhere.

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