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Learn and build skills for life

By Jane Koppen

ISU Extension


The Daily Umbrella

By Shane Goodman

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


A 22-year-old Cassius Clay (soon to change his name to Muhammad Ali) made those words famous when he told boxing fans what his ring style would be against heavyweight champ Sonny Liston.


A Whale of a Tale


Have you ever lost your way? I am not the greatest at finding my way around and usually rely on an app or my wife to direct me. Whenever I get lost, I need someone or something to tell me where I am and where I need to go to get me on the right path again. 

I am often surprised at how many people I come into contact with who have a feeling of being lost. Not a directional lostness, but a spiritual one. 

Throwback: Name that intersection

Can you name this intersection? The buildings shown? What’s there now? Send your best guesses to Show it to your kids and grandkids who might be surprised to see what this area used to look like.

Families of Faith

Do unto others



Nominations for Advance Awards ‘22


 Do you know a Kossuth County resident who makes a difference in his or her field?

 Do you know a Kossuth County whose contributions should be recognized?

Providing healthcare excellence


Summer is here and for most of us that means enjoying the warm weather and jam-packed schedules full of family-fun and celebrations. I know for my family, we plan to spend time attending little league and swim meets, fishing and boating, and participating in a couple of significant family reunions.

Out of the Past

Sunday dinner choices,

65, 55 or 35 cents

150 Years Ago

A walk has been built on Dodge street from State to Call, and has been extended across State. Walks are now being constructed in every direction.


125 Years Ago

Letter to Editor

Get involved


“A republic if you can keep it,” replied Benjamin Franklin when asked after a session of the constitutional convention about what form of government had been formed. A republic is a form a government where the power resides with the citizens who vote for elected officials to represent them and govern according to law. To preserve our republic and our country, we need to be educated and be involved.

The Daily Umbrella

Rinse and repeat


Travel Diary

Overnight spot became busy with trucks

The Ponte Vecchio or “Old Bridge” was our last stop in Florence, Italy, but well worth seeing. Originally built across the Arno River allowing all traffic at the time (about 123 AD), it has been destroyed by flood at least twice over the centuries and rebuilt stronger each time. 

Throwback: Street improvements



As long as street improvements are underway in most towns and there is never an end of street complaints, this photo should put things into perspective of how far we’ve come and how much better conditions are than they were for are ancestors. The mystery gas station featured two weeks ago is located in Burt on 8th St.

Writers and Writing

Novel seamlessly weaves past and present

Beneath the Polish Moon 

Jake Kaminski 

Archway Publishing 

ISBN 978-1-6657-1458-7 



Every once in a great while, a novel comes along that hits you where it really counts – straight in the heart. 

Families of Faith

Develop good

spiritual roots

Rev. Walt Reemtsma

Last fall a member of my church brought into my church office two sunflower stalks that he had pulled up from his garden. It was not hard to notice the root mass that was found at the bottom each stem. 

Travel Diary

Visiting the elaborate Baptistry of St. John

Out of the Past

150 Years Ago

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