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Our Kossuth County

The calendar started filling itself 

By Anne Kohlhaas



Every January, when the New Year begins, I look over what Stinson Prairie Arts Council accomplished in the past year in delivering interesting and intriguing fine art shows and projects. Then, I start filling in the dates of the next year with new and returning events. 

Letter to the Editor

AEA is children’s best chance

Fifty years ago, we put students before politics and the AEAs were created with the help of Senator Chuck Grassley, to create equal opportunities for all students, so that regardless of whether you lived in a rural area or an urban area, all children and educators had equal access and support to ensure Iowa students could achieve at the fullest.

Families in Faith

Rev. John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, West Bend

He shall rescue his beloved

Give us help from trouble, For the help of man is useless. Through God we will do valiantly, For it is He who shall tread down our enemies. - Psalm 108:12-13

Out of the Past

Blinded by the light

150 Years Ago

CORRECTION -- The following correction should be made in the report of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors. Horses are to be assessed at from $10 to $40. H. O. McCoys bill for medical services, $110, was not allowed. F. W. Butterfield’s discount bill, $21.45 was not allowed. The amount of the Soldiers Bounty Bonds is $9,000 instead of $4,000.


125 Years Ago

The Daily Umbrella

Just show up

People don’t talk anymore. Have you heard that? It’s often true, at least compared to what some of us are used to. The difference seems to be mostly generational. If an older person has something to say, look for it to be face to face. If a younger person does, expect a text message. A middle-aged person? Flip a coin, as you could get either one — or both.

On the side

Wisdom is in trouble


Carbon Capture-The Rest of the Story

To the Editor:

Growing up, I enjoyed listening to Paul Harvey's radio program, The Rest of the Story. To see the whole picture, this is my take on the rest of the story on Carbon Capture.

AEA-Don’t fix what isn’t broken

To the Editor:

Iowa Students, Iowa Students with Special Needs, and Iowa Teachers Deserve a Grade A Educational System, which includes the AEA.

AEA-Let’s not step back 50 years

To the Editor,

I was a very young teacher working with teenagers who had been adjudicated to be delinquent when the Area Education Agency system was started in Iowa in 1974. Through 50 years, I have worked with it, for it, and sometimes against it, at various times in various roles. I am currently on the board of directors representing District 5 at Prairie Lakes AEA.

Operation Christmas Child

Dear Editor,

Families of Faith

Rev.Chris Burtnett

Pastor, First Congregational United Church of Christ

Pray for unity- but don’t stop there!


Throwback: Vaudeville Show Kicks Off Bancroft Centennial

From the June 7, 1980 Algona Upper Des Moines. The people of Bancroft held an old fashioned card party and vaudeville show last Sunday in the basement of St. John’s Church to raise money for the community’s Centennial which will be celebrated next summer. One of the skits recalled the ‘Saturday Night Bath’ a weekly event in a wash tub in the kitchen, portrayed by Mary and Jim Oliver.


Of Mother Nature and the Suffragettes

Perhaps by the time you read this, the Arctic blast of sub-zero temperatures and blizzard conditions will have worn themselves out. We can only hope. I’m writing this as the wind is circling the house at about 40 miles an hour and snow is piling up everywhere.

Out of the Past

Religious census taken in Algona

150 Years Ago

STRAY. --- Notice is hereby given that on or about January 8th 1874 there came to my premises in Fenton Township Kossuth County, Iowa, a bay mare with black mane and tail, star in forehead, left hind foot white, ten hands high, from ten to fourteen years old, and with foal. The owner can have his property by proving property and paying charges. LYMAN HAWKINS.


125 Years Ago

On the Side

Control, chaos and servanthood

The quadrennial invasion of Iowa is over.

Coffee shops are drained of caffeine-fueled reporters and campaign staffers.

The free publicity that comes with serving a legendary tenderloin or the most incredible barbecue a presidential candidate will experience has skipped town to temporarily reside in another state.

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