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Remember when women always wore dresses, men always wore ties, everyone wore hats and people dressed up just to walk around the block?

Breaking language barriers and building bridges

By Jennifer Davis, M.S, B.A.



On behalf of the Latino

Community Initiative

Letter to the Editor - Legislators must act now to save long-term care in Iowa

To the Editor:

Our legislators must take action this month to increase Medicaid reimbursement for long-term care in Iowa, ensuring that quality care is available to local residents.

I’ve worked to care for older adults since I was a high school student, and I’ve watched a rising number of people rely on Medicaid to pay for their care.

Letter to Editor - Elevate. Engage. Effect Change.

To the Editor:

Out of the Past - Over 17 million on deposit in Kossuth County banks

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Mr. Warner, Sec’y of the Am. Em. Co., does not appear to think the prospect of a heavy immigration into Kossuth Co. this season is very flattering. Four families of Swedes are daily expected from New York.


125 Years Ago

How old are you?

By Shane Goodman


I am not sure how old I am. When asked, I have to do the math to calculate the correct answer. That assumes I know the correct year we are currently in. I have given an incorrect answer a few times, only to be corrected by my wife or friends.

Our Kossuth County - Supporting residents in planting, clearing and cleaning

By Barb Smith

City of Algona



Families of Faith

Christianity’s official prayer


Chris Burtnett

Pastor, First
Congregational United
Church of Christ

Spanish - American war begins in April

150 Years Ago

Fears have been felt and expressed that, owing to the prevalence of cold, wet weather, the wheat sowed in early March, would rot in the ground, and render a second sowing necessary. So far as we are able to learn the fears are not likely to be realized. Wheat is already sprouting and beginning to put in an appearance above ground. Mr. Fill, of Irvington gives it as his opinion that wheat will sprout from seven to nine times without injury.


The American Dream... or nightmare


Your American dream becomes your worst nightmare. That was the title of an opinion column from Kent Carlson we published in CITYVIEW this month about recently announced property tax increases. Kent is your stereotypical, conservative, anti-tax guy, so I expected this from him. Then I received my assessment, and I realized I am right there with him.

Of the return of Christopher Robin - Huzzah!

For those of you who read my last column, you’ll remember I sadly announced that Christopher Robin, my beloved stray cat whom I have been feeding for several years, had disappeared. Well - huzzah - I am sad no more. The day after I sent that column to the paper, who should appear on the porch expecting his usual repast but Christopher Robin.

EMS transition to county-owned system

By Phil Albers



   Kossuth County was one of five counties in the state of Iowa to approve a tax levy to fund EMS in the November 2022 general election. Public Measure KA established a tax levy for Kossuth County residents that will provide a sustainable funding source for a countywide EMS system.

Families of Faith

Remember how I told you



t the end of next month I will have been married to my wife Hannah for eight years.  And in those eight years, I’ve likely heard Hannah say to me, at least eight thousand times, “Remember how I told you!” 

Remember how I told you soccer practice is at 5?!

Remember how I told you the taxes are due on Monday?!

Remember how I told you not to put my sweater in the dryer?!

Throwback: From 1954 Algona Upper Des Moines archives
Out of the past

Bald-headed man is the man of the future

150 Years Ago

Notwithstanding the bad state of the roads between this place and Emmetsburg, there appears to be no falling off in travel. Plows, scrapers, shovels, wheelbarrows, etc., are being transported along the line of the railroad, and judging from appearances, things will be pretty extensively pushed as soon as the weather becomes settled.


125 Years Ago

Writers and Writing

Memoir redefines meaning of home

The Long Way Home

Tom Montgomery Fate

Ice Cube Press

ISBN 9781948509367



The ‘Long Way Home’ is a collection of essays on what it means to find home in far-flung places. A memoir about how travel eventually brings us home, is the April featured selection for Writers and Writing. Author Tom Montgomery Fate is a native of Maquoketa and Iowa City, Iowa.

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