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No gas shortage in Kossuth County

150 Years Ago

NOTICE. The copartnership heretofore existing under the firm name of Ingham & Smith engaged in a banking and real estate business, in Algona, Iowa, has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. Algona, May 22d, 1873. Wm. H. Ingham. Lewis H. Smith. Indebtedness against or due said firm will be settled at the counter of our successor, the Kossuth County Bank.


125 Years Ago


Another glitch-less flight, and the reason thereof


The daily umbrella

Get back to work

Writers and Writing

China & Me a Charm and Delight

China & Me

Mamie Van Doren

Starlet Suave Books

ISBN 9798351166513



When Joan Olander was growing up on her grandparents’ farm near Rowena, S.D., little did she know she would one day become Mamie Van Doren, Hollywood smash box office actress, a contemporary of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield.

Families of Faith

You’re an Overcomer

By Dr. Micah Mitchell - Pastor, Lighthouse to Nations, Algona

It can be challenging to see the future’s direction when uncertain. We may be facing challenges that seem insurmountable, or we may be struggling to find hope amidst the chaos. We must decide that our strength and comfort are found in God’s Word. With that said, we must let go of our understanding and step into the peace that surpasses understanding.

Throwback: Remember the Daus



Our Kossuth County - Algona Police to begin campaign for new K-9

By Bo Miller

Chief of Police


Building a successful K-9 program is a team effort and at the Algona Police Department we are fortunate to have many of the key pieces in place. We have had award-winning handlers within our department, dedicated K-9s and excellent support from the community.

Out of the Past - Lakota School closes after 67 years

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

A Base Ball Club is being organized in Algona. The following are the members of the first nine: Captain and Left Fielder, Arthur Nash; Pitcher, Will Spear; Catcher, Vic. Stough; First Base, Deb. Blanchard; Second Base, Samuel Reed; Third Base, Frank Taylor; Short Stop, John McGetchie; Right Fielder, C. B. Hutchins; Center Fielder, Samuel Baker. The Second Nine are not yet decided upon.


125 Years Ago

Letter to Editor

Iowa Seniors need our help with scam calls


To the Editor:

“I recently witnessed the potentially devastating impact of scam calls on seniors. Like many others from their generation, my parents find comfort and security in using a landline. However, this choice exposes them to a continuous stream of unwanted and deceitful calls that exploit their vulnerability.

Victim or Victor

By Shane Goodman

Victim or victor? Those two words sound much alike, but they have drastically different meanings. And, in many cases, we can choose which one we want to be.

Families of Faith

Series, God wins


Throwback: 1998 Twister

From the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper archive. Bishop Garrigan bleachers after the twister struck. Ed and Betty Wilcox’s three car garage destroyed by 1998 twister. Paul Larsen and his son stand by their cement corn crib demolished by the 1998 twister.

1998 - Twisters strike Kossuth County

150 Years Ago

The Gentleman who stole Marvin’s umbrella last Saturday afternoon will bring it back immediately if he wishes to avoid exposure.


125 Years Ago

Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor:

Another flight, but this time with no glitches

In my column two weeks ago, in case you missed it, I wrote that I was suffering (albeit bravely) with the flu. I have since recovered, so you needn’t send flowers. Unless, of course, you want to.

What’s that Smell?

By Richard Schiek

POW Museum


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