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Victim or Victor

By Shane Goodman

Victim or victor? Those two words sound much alike, but they have drastically different meanings. And, in many cases, we can choose which one we want to be.

Families of Faith

Series, God wins


Throwback: 1998 Twister

From the Algona Upper Des Moines newspaper archive. Bishop Garrigan bleachers after the twister struck. Ed and Betty Wilcox’s three car garage destroyed by 1998 twister. Paul Larsen and his son stand by their cement corn crib demolished by the 1998 twister.

1998 - Twisters strike Kossuth County

150 Years Ago

The Gentleman who stole Marvin’s umbrella last Saturday afternoon will bring it back immediately if he wishes to avoid exposure.


125 Years Ago

Letter to the Editor:

Letter to the Editor:

Another flight, but this time with no glitches

In my column two weeks ago, in case you missed it, I wrote that I was suffering (albeit bravely) with the flu. I have since recovered, so you needn’t send flowers. Unless, of course, you want to.

What’s that Smell?

By Richard Schiek

POW Museum


Complainer, voter, or runner

May is School Board Recognition Month, and this year’s theme is “Developing Iowa’s Future Together.” The stated goal is to celebrate the work of school board members who are partnering with the school community, students, families and citizens.

Families of Faith

Rev. Cindy Finn

Pastor, First United Methodist Church

Cereal, grocery sacks and sheep


Our Kossuth, Your Museum

By Jan Ricke



Graduates, go seek the truth

What is truth?

It’s a question Pontius Pilate, the governor of the-then Roman province of Judea, asked of a subject he was interrogating. The Jewish authorities were alleging the subject had committed a capital offense, but they were not allowed under their law to put him to death, so they wanted Pilate to do their bidding.

Pilate’s question is applicable to the times before, during and after his reign – which was from 26/27 AD to 36/37 AD.

The other 4-letter word

Hate is an evil word, and, unfortunately, it consumes too many of us today.

Out of the past

Two stills raided by officers

150 Years Ago

To Bridge Builders. Sealed proposals will be received until May 20th for building two bridges across the Des Moines river, one near B. Devine’s, and one near Mr. Dockstadter’s. Separate bids for each bridge. May be left with A. E. Wheelock, County Auditor, in whose office may be seen plans and specifications. By Order of the Board.


125 Years Ago

I’m offended — by the ignorance and opportunism on display in Iowa

By Loren Glass


Papers' web poll – more than half ‘never’ attend a worship service

An unscientific web poll in Clay, Dickinson and Kossuth counties found that 55 percent of the respondents never attend church while 32 percent of respondents attend at least weekly.

During April, the Enterprise Media newspapers in Spirit Lake, Spencer and Algona asked the same poll question: How often do you go to a worship service? Respondents were given five options for answers – never, a couple of times a year/holidays, 1-3 times a month, weekly, or more than once a week.

Families of Faith

By Rev. Patrick Mostek, Assistant Pastor at Grace Church, Algona

Charge to the

2023 Graduates


As the end of the school year draws near, as a pastor one of my responsibilities is to spiritually prepare the high school graduates in my church for the next step in their lives. One of the ways we do that is with a charge. I share it here in with the hope that it may be helpful for others as well:

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