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Vote NO on Measure 1


To the Editor:

Pro-Life Democrat


To the Editor:

I am pro-life.  I believe that if I were raped or the victim of incest, I would carry that innocent child.  However, I have been blessed and never have been that desperate woman making a desperate choice. I have not been 14 and the victim of a gang rape in my small rural hometown. I have not been pregnant with a non-viable fetus that could endanger my life. I have been blessed.

Public education is being starved


To the editor:

I am writing this letter to express my concern about the state of education under the current Republican administration and legislature in the state of Iowa. I spent 23 years as a teacher and 22 years supporting Educators prior to retiring in 2012. Since Republicans gained complete control of the Iowa Statehouse and Governor’s office in 2014, the decline has been precipitous and dangerous.

What’s Representative Stone hiding?



To the Editor:

On September 6, I sent District 9 State Representative Henry Stone an email asking for his position on a few important issues. Receiving no response, I resent the email two more times to no avail.

Stone is advocate for all


Letter to the Editor:

I wasn’t expecting to write a political editorial in support of a specific candidate; I think we are all tired of the political season, divisiveness and advertisements. I wrote a non-specific editorial in this paper encouraging voters to look at candidates, however, I would encourage you to vote for one candidate who I respect and consider a friend. He has been erroneously attacked on social media and the media.

Look past political parties


Letter to the Editor:

Three reasons to vote For Senator Charles Grassley


To the Editor:

As we approach election day on November 8th, 2022 I believe it is imperative that we all take a good look at the candidates and educate ourselves as to why any specific candidate should be elected to office.

In this case that’s look at three reasons why Senator Charles Grassley deserves another term as our United States Senator for Iowa.

Actions speak louder than Summit’s ads


To the Editor:

Summit Carbon Solutions is running large ads to tell us they care. I personally believe someone cares when they show me. Actions speak much louder than Summit’s ads. So far, their actions show they do not care about anyone. They only care about raking in your tax dollars. They are not paying for this hazardous pipeline. Your tax dollars are supporting it.

Summit won't listen, doesn't care, and isn’t here for us


To the Editor:

families of Faith

Turning a dream into a reality

By Rev. Chris Burtnett

Pastor, First
Congregational United
Church of Christ

Families of Faith

Taking care

of the little

By Dr. Micah Mitchell - Pastor, Lighthouse to Nations

Letter to Editor

Respect for all God’s children


So, I have heard part of Biden’s Democratic agenda is to improve education, invest in childcare, improve roads, internet access, and better wages. Yet, last week President Biden stood on national TV and blatantly announced his first priority after the mid- term elections would be to codify Roe v Wade as the law of the land. He would sign this into law on the 50th anniversary of Roe v Wade on the 22nd of January.

Letter to Editor

Speaking of Mental Health


How many times do you hear that phrase in daily conversation? Not enough!!

We continue to live in a world that avoids the discussion at all costs, for fear of being stigmatized or different from others. Meanwhile, we watch family members and friends suffer and sometimes die from the deep pain they carry.

How do we change this? Who do we turn to for help? What resources are available? Where will the money come from?

WW II veteran’s body returned

Out of the Past - By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

Local News: Kossuth County has 645 men liable to military duty for the year 1872. So says adjutant General Baker. Cerro Gordo has 708, Palo Alto 287 and Clay 640.

Local News: Do not forget to vote for an addition to the number of Supervisors. An increase can do no harm, and it will be likely to create a better feeling throughout that part of the county not represented under the current system.

The Ghost of Craven Snuggs

By Michael Tidemann


The Ghost of Craven Snuggs is a humorous crime novel that takes aim at Big Ag. Author Sandy Moffett is an emeritus professor of theatre at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa.


As the saying goes, art imitates life. One could say Sandy Moffett’s entertaining and enlightening novel, The Ghost of Craven Snuggs, has a whole lot of life to it.

Don’t worry — Be happy, tips and tricks

By Shane Goodman

The title of the 1988 song by Bobby McFerrin reminds us to relax and enjoy life. Follow the link and watch the video. It will make you feel good … and be happy. But what exactly does it mean to be happy?

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