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Ink Spots

Of revolving doors and the exceptionally adorables

By Molly MacDonald

Writers and Writing

The Land Remains, a plea for stewardship 

By MichaelTidemann

The Land Remains 

Neil D. Hamilton 

Ice Cube Press 

ISBN 978-1-948509-33-6 



What does it mean to be a steward of the land? Beyond that, what public policies would ensure land stewardship for rural America? 

Letter to Editor

An open invitation


Travel Diary

Ancient cobblestone roads and elongated tomatoes

By Jim Sloter

The Daily Umbrella

Remember that....

By Shane Goodman

I recently read an article about things we once used that are now obsolete. I shared it with some friends, and we added several more. See how many of these you can recall.

Families of Faith

For endurance, encouragement, and hope


By Rev. John Koopman

Pastor, Peace Lutheran Church, West Bend

On The Side


By Brad Hicks

Oil company profits are through the roof. Natural gas prices are rapidly rising.

    CBS News reported last week that Exxon Mobil had $17.85 billion in profits in the second quarter of this year. Chevron made a record $11.62 billion. Shell also broke its profit record.

Our Kossuth County

Leadership training sessions

By Maureen Elbert


K/PACEDC Leadership training sessions are back and we are ready to take registrations! We had great attendance and participation in our leadership sessions last year which offered a series of career and personal training that covered team building, communications skills, customer service and building better relationships. 

Travel Diary

Evidence shows Pompeii was a wealthy city

By Jim Sloter

Walking toward nearby Pompeii ruins by 8:30, our first stop was to cash a Traveler’s Check for Italian lira. We did a little shopping on the way but only bought a guide book to the Pompeii ruins so we could take our time – we wanted to absorb and learn about what happened there without being rushed..

Out of the Past

Thomas Edison’s half-sister lives in Algona

By Gene Miller

150 Years Ago

At a boarding house in Des Moines recently a man without hands and only a stub of an arm, was eating with a fork strapped to the stub. When asked, “Who do you vote for, sir?” he promptly replied: “It is not necessary to ask how a man will vote at this election when you know he has lost both arms in defense of his country. Soldiers will all vote for Grant.” 


Who are the Patriots?

To the Editor

Who serves public schools and higher education better?

To the Editor

The Iowa Legislature and Republican Governors have been starving our public schools financially for some time. When you see that the 2022 Iowa Legislature added $186 per pupil or 2.5% to Supplement State Aid for public schools, that may seem like a lot, but during the years from 2005-2011 under Democrat Governors, schools averaged 3.5 %.  During the latest Terry Branstad-Kim Reynolds era, schools have received anywhere from 0% to the current 2.5 %.  

The Daily Umbrella

Get a job

By Shane Goodman

Get a job. Those three words are often used in a condescending way, but they are maybe more important today than they have ever been.

Our nation’s unemployment rate in June was at 3.6 percent. In Iowa, it was 2.6 percent. Those are very low numbers, which means the pool of people to hire from is low, too.

Families of Faith

What do you think?

By Rev. Chris Burtnett

Pastor, First
Congregational United
Church of Christ

Throwback: Fairgrounds

Throughout the county people are preparing for the upcoming fair. Before you go, enjoy these photos from the Kossuth County Fairgrounds from 1913. The original racetrack went right up to the Floral Hall.Photos courtesy of the Kossuth County Historical Society.

Ink Spots


Of dancing, skating and sassy offspring

By Molly MacDonald

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