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LETTERS: Forty days for life; Vax mandates and care center staffing concerns

Forty days for life: This past Friday, Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a “devout” Catholic and the House Democrats voted and passed the so called “Women’s Health Protective Act”. This will allow abortion on demand up to birth. It will force us as taxpayers to pay for these abortions. It will also force healthcare workers to perform these abortions, disregarding their religious freedom...
Test-out on vax mandate: On Sept. 9 the Biden Administration announced updates to its previously called-for nursing home staff vaccination mandate. The updates take into consideration feedback provided by the nursing home sector in recent days, including the nearly 100 Iowa nursing home providers who submitted comment letters to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services demonstrating their deep concern about the catastrophic workforce consequences of an inoperative mandate...
Read the full letters in the Sept. 30 Advance. 

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