Placing faith

On the Side

Putting faith in people is a dangerous proposition, so it’s best to put that in someone else. But we have to live with one another, so there are times you hope and pray that sensible people will prevail. Such is the case when it comes to the concept of defunding police departments in cities with drug dealing, gun running, domestic violence, gang activity and daily-to-weekly murders. Are we not going to prosecute at least the obviously guilty offenders? Should we do reform? Sure. But, defund? In terms of governmental actions, proposing and supporting defunding the police is perhaps the most cockamamie idea of my lifetime.

Well, I thought that anyway until the city of Seattle decided it was okay to let a group of anarchists take over part of downtown, make their own rules and pretty much set up their own city, nevermind the rights and security of the people who live and work in that area. Perhaps the open-minded folks in the Northwest will start advocating for statehood for the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP).

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