A cemetery walk to remember

I’ve written before about how much I loved to walk to, and through, Riverview Cemetery from our house. Those walks ended abruptly when a patch of ice rudely sneaked under my foot, causing me to land in a snow drift, staring at the sky. I adjourned to St. Cecelia Church then for my walks. It is lovely there, quiet, peaceful and, best of all, no ice. Or wind. Or rain. However, the church now is closed and locked, as are so many places during this pandemic.

The cemetery, however, remains open, so I am once again jogging there. Okay, so maybe jogging is a bit of an exaggeration. Power walking? Okay, maybe not so much power walking as strolling languidly through the trees and gravestones. My great-grandparents are buried there, along with other family members of that generation.

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