Pen Pals are not just about writing skills

Basic writing skills and addressing envelopes are just two of the reasons the Kossuth County RSVP Pen Pal program has been successful over the years. It is also about learning life skills and experiencing joy and excitement when Pen Pals get together.

Lucia Wallace third grade teacher Sheryl Carroll said the third grade students couldn’t wait to meet their Penal. “They are always shocked to find out their Pen Pal is older,” she said. ‘They’re so excited. They establish a friendship. It is great for both parties involved.”

Bernie Elbert, who has volunteered for several years to be a Pen Pal, said it is enjoyable to meet each other at the Pen Pal party at the end. “No matter what anyone’s ability is they should be able to write a letter and receive a letter. It is important that they learn how to write a letter and address an envelope,” she said. “It is just fun to be able to know what is going on with third graders.”

For more on this story, please see the May 24 issue of the Kossuth County Advance

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