The Fair’s unsung heroes

ALGONA — Each year at the Kossuth County Fair, volunteers can be seen doing everything from feeding those who attend to helping with odds and ends to cleaning out the show barns.

In a way they are the unsung heroes of the Kossuth County Fair.

“Volunteers add just one more aspect to making the county fair what it has become over the years,” said Mel Haler, President of the Kossuth County Fair Board. “We can’t do it without them.”

Brandon Kollasch and his girlfriend, Olivia Evans, were busy on Tuesday morning preparing the Kossuth County Cattleman’s Association food stand for the fair. “It is a good atmosphere and it is fun to work at the fair,” Kollasch said. “What I get out of it is the satisfaction of feeding those at the fair and having a good time.”


For more on this story, please see the Aug. 10 issue of Kossuth County Advance.


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