EMS moved from KRHC to AHS

ALGONA — Within two hours, volunteers moved 90 percent of Algona Emergency Medical Services (EMS), from its original building to the automotive shop at the Algona Community High School.  On Wednesday, March 18, KRHC officials notified members of EMS that the hospital would like to use their building for the COVID-19 situation. The EMS building, located on the north side of KRHC is owned by the City of Algona.

“I’ve seen help like this before over the past 10 years but never to this level,” said Justin Tickle, EMS paramedic and interim director for Algona EMS. “There is a crisis going on and it is stressful for everyone, but it is amazing to me how people came out of the woodwork to help. The school has been fantastic, so accommodating. Algona Municipal Utilities came in and put new phone lines and new internet lines in so we could get our computers connected to the city’s Internet.”

Dar Elbert, KRHC administrator, said “We are putting into place a response in preparation for COVID-19 that will keep our hospital and clinics clean, meaning free from respiratory illnesses. To accomplish that, our Kossuth County Emergency Medical Services System Administrator, Phil Albers, has worked with the Algona Ambulance Service to temporarily relocate service to an off-site location, allowing KRHC to create a temporary medical screening and treatment area for respiratory patients in the Algona Ambulance Service garage.”

Read more about this extraordinary effort and the planning behind it in the March 26 Kossuth County Advance.

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