Destination Progress 2018

Filled with celebration and information, today it has arrived at its destination.  It is the 2018 Kossuth County Advance 2018 Progress Edition.

By the numbers, it goes something like this:

140 Advertisers

64 Feature Stories

8 Sections of 8 Pages - All Color

6 Months in the Making

2.41 Gigabytes of Files

1 Community

This year's edition, themed Destination [Progress], is a whole lot more than a pile of numbers. It ís page after page of stories about people, their businesses, and their commitment to community

There ís Mark Bierstedt, who's been selling appliances for 40 years, and Skip Wallace, who's been providing better water to residents for four decades. There is a story about the Reding family's excavating business celebrating 70 years. There are new ventures too, including S&B Distillery in Bancroft, a dream turned into reality for Sara Winkleman. There ís also a story about a church with fewer than 20 members making a difference. 

The advertising and stories in the edition represent aspects of the arts, entrepreneurship, faith, home improvement, agribusiness, pets, education, food, health, retail sales, vehicles, groceries, community improvement and efforts to help people make it through their everyday lives. And more.

This year's edition even includes Waldo. If you find him, email us at before Oct. 15 and weíll enter you into a drawing for $25. There ís another contest, too. Vote for the best advertisement in the section by emailing us at by Oct. 15; all those who send us their vote will be entered for a drawing for $100, and the winning advertiser will receive a free ad.

Thousands of hours went into this yearís project, which involves the entire Algona Publishing staff. Two summer interns, Cassy Olesen of Graettinger, an undergraduate student at Iowa State University in Ames, and Melanie Krieps Mergen of Algona, a graduate student at Columbia University in New York, wrote most of the stories and took most of the photos for this yearís edition.

We believe there is a little something - and in many cases a lot of something - for everyone in this year's edition. The 2018 Kossuth County Advance Progress Edition has reached its destination - your hands. Enjoy!


On the home page of our website, scroll down to the bottom and the full Progress section is available online.


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