Chamber helps with babysitter options

ALGONA — Many read or hear the worst of the coronavirus, but many have also talked about the outpouring of community members who have risen to the occasion to help their neighbors.

The Algona Area Chamber of Commerce is one of those entities that have reached out to community members for support. In this case, they are taking names for those who are interested in childcare, day care and babysitting services.

“People are in need of babysitting services. People have reached out and have teenagers available to help,” said Vicki Mallory, executive director of the Algona Area Chamber of Commerce. “In addition, day care providers do have openings. We just matched a lady that needed day care in April. We helped her get some names for day care.”

Mallory said there are a few people willing to provide babysitting and day care. “We hope people take advantage of this opportunity,” she said.

For more information, read the story in the March 26 Kossuth County Advance.

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